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Design Thinking Lessons from a UX Pro

Cantina, a MassTLC member that specializes in digital design and development, recently hosted a highly informative session on design thinking for our UX/UI peer group. Mike Kivikoski, UX Designer at Cantina, walked through a solution based approach to design problems and his iterative process for tackling larger goals.

In his presentation, Mike discussed in depth each of the seven stages that he uses in design projects:

  • Design
  • Research
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Choose
  • Implement
  • Learn

The reason to use this approach is to enable development of smaller, easier to manage features. This has a number of benefits including reducing staff stress, speeding time to market, improving conversion rates, creating empathy for the customer, enabling better product performance, increasing knowledge transfer among team members, and easing the ability to sunset old features.

You can watch Mike’s entire presentation, including the Q&A portion below.



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