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OPEXEngine Brief on 2024 SaaS Sector Operating Trends

Insights from OPEXEngine’s 2024 SaaS Benchmark Release

We’re thrilled to share the latest findings and analysis from our just-released 2024 SaaS Benchmarks, which are now available to OPEXEngine clients in the BenchmarkEngine platform.

The following observations leverage insights from our proprietary database plus bonus 5 year-trend analysis of public SaaS operating KPIs in the Bessemer Cloud Index available through our platform.

  • While macro trends have shown signs of some stabilization, macro headwinds – in which cloud spend has been scrutinized and software purchases have been delayed – have forced software/SaaS players to pivot toward more operational efficiency and profitable growth (vs. growth at all costs)
  • Growth slowed down across all segments (public/private, ARR/revenue bands) because of higher scrutiny placed on software/SaaS purchases and extended sales cycles

Access the full report on OPEXEngine’s website.

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