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NetScout’s Innovative ESG Maturity Model

NetScout, a longstanding MTLC member, has Environmental, Social, and Governance programs integrated with its mission as Guardians of the Connected World. 

In response to the growing importance of ESG considerations and stakeholder demands, Jeff Levinson, NetScout’s SVP, General Counsel, and Chief ESG Officer, recently created an innovative ESG Maturity Model.  This model is designed to assist Boards, CEOs, and companies’ ESG leaders, by providing a structured approach to navigate the ESG journey.

In developing the model and then collaborating with a partner firm, Jeff emphasized that the model should be freely available for use by colleagues. NetScout is pleased to share its insights and experience to help others build an effective ESG program aligned with corporate strategy.

View the Maturity Model here as a blueprint for an ESG program that is tailored, targeted, and relevant to a company’s business.



Jeff Levinson is SVP and General Counsel, and Chief ESG Officer, at NetScout

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