MassTLC Launches Big Data and Analytics Cluster

In the year since our first Big Data Summit (Read WSJ highlights), MassTLC has been quietly cultivating a new Cluster, focused on the Big Data and Analytics companies in Massachusetts, and are pleased to mark 2012 as the year for Big Data with our recent research report on the sector, Big Data and Analytics: A Major Market Opportunity for Massachusetts, our Second Annual Big Data Summit: The Big Data Disruption, and the launch of a new Big Data Cluster community.

In the context of MassTLC’s 2020 Jobs Growth Challenge, Big Data is a significant opportunity for Massachusetts. Massachusetts leads the nation (#6, I believe) in recovering from the recession, based primarily on the information technology and other information technology intensive knowledge sectors. According to a recent McKinsey report, Big Data could be transformative, amounting to a fifth wave in the technology revolution after the mainframe, the PC, the Internet/Web 1.0, and the mobile/Web 2.0 eras.

MassTLC believes that the Commonwealth has significant and unique advantages and an opportunity to be the geographical hub of a massive Big Data and Analytics wave of innovation, company formation, job creation, and economic benefit for the region. We feel it’s ours to lose and so are, as a community, going to do everything we can to foster the success of big data companies in Massachusetts, thereby cultivating our economic future.

Towards this end, MassTLC’s Big Data Cluster seeks to be an active catalyst for growth and development of the Big Data and Analytics ecosystem in Massachusetts. The Council’s unique role as an organization that spans the entire technology ecosystem places MassTLC at the heart of the Big Data tsunami. Below are some of the initiatives MassTLC is undertaking to foster the growth of this important sector:

Research – In addition to it’s recent report, MassTLC will continue to study the region’s Big Data and Analytics community through surveys, focus groups, and an Oracle-Delphi panel of leading thinkers to inform the community about the sector and leverage points for growth.

Summit – The MassTLC 2nd Annual Big Data Summit and other programming provides an opportunity for thought leaders to share ideas while the general community learns about opportunities presented by the Big Data and Analytics tsunami.

Community – MassTLC is convening a community of Big Data thought leaders to continue the dialogue through a variety of member-only and public Cluster meetings, events, and initiatives. MassTLC Clusters enable the technology community to take a deep dive in a particular area, share knowledge, and build deep lasting relationships that lead to business growth.

Bump – MassTLC will integrate Big Data and Analytics across our many Cluster communities and key Council initiatives, thereby fostering knowledge exchange with other technology and customer segments. At MassTLC, we believe that innovation happens at the boundaries between communities where ideas often meet with novel applications. Our Clusters, Tech Tuesday, and our Innovation unConference are just a few of the Council’s signature initiatives that support bump factor.

Recognition – MassTLC will encouraging Big Data and Analytics companies to participate in the Mass Technology Leadership Awards program to help shine a spotlight on the region’s Data DNA.

Workforce – Though the MassTLC Education Foundation, we work to attract, retain, and develop the talent needed to grow Big Data and Analytics in Massachusetts.

Leadership – MassTLC will work to educate and advocate for policies that support the growth of big data and analytics technology development and application in Massachusetts.

Council members interested in getting involved in the Big Data Cluster should contact Sara Fraim at sara@masstlc.org. Non-members should contact leah@masstlc.org to learn more.

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