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MassTLC Hosts Gubernatorial Candidate Evan Falchuk

Policy Update

MassTLC hosted
independent gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk for an afternoon discussion on
Tuesday, September 23, 2014, the fourth in a series of meetings with
Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates.

MassTLC President & CEO Tom Hopcroft
briefed Mr. Falchuk on the size and impact of the sector as well as key issues
including talent. Mr. Falchuk is no stranger to growing companies in
Massachusetts and played a leading role in helping grow a Boston-based global
healthcare company from 9 to over 600 employees. He notes that “to create
sustained economic growth in Massachusetts, we have to cut the cost of living.”
Beyond technology providing solutions to
current and future problems the meeting explored how the tech community can
further achieve regional economic growth and sustainability. By identifying
ways to develop, retain and attract innovation-ready talent through reduced the
cost of living and an increased supply of multi-family and other housing
options, Falchuk asserted that MA’s tech sector and the overall economy would
continue to grow.
MassTLC accelerates innovation
and economic growth in Massachusetts by educating public officials and
advocating for policies that support tech sector growth, helping local tech
leaders engage in state and federal programs and initiatives, and fostering
collaboration between the tech sector, academia, and public officials. 

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