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Looking to the Future: Robotics Community Meeting Recap

We had a terrific gathering of robotics community members at Vecna on May 12th.  The diverse group included academia, robotics and IoT companies & startups and enterprise company representatives.  During our last cluster meeting hosted at Vecna we were just discussing the “concept” of MassRobotics – that was September 2014 – seems like yesterday!

Figure 1 Steve describes the Verizon Innovation Program    Photo credit: MassTLC

Steve Perlberg, Senior Manager of IoT Partnerships at Verizon, shared information on Verizon’s Innovation Program at the Verizon Innovation Center in Waltham MA.  This program was established “to encourage the growth and development of their 4G LTE ecosystem and to uncover ways to wirelessly connect just about anything”. Steve fielded several questions about the future of 2G (sun setting) and the future of 5-6G.  Perhaps a field trip to the Innovation Center is in our future.


Figure 2 Frederico shows the value of the Indiegogo platform    Photo credit: MassTLC

Frederico Ribeiro, Manager of Hardware at Indiegogo, described their platform for launching entrepreneurial ideas.  This platform not only helps companies raise capital, but aids in media, marketing, finding customers and partners etc.  They have a global reach, but you can decide how large to cast your net – you can choose to stay domestic, or select focused target areas.



Figure 3 Dwight describes the future of VGo – Imagine the Possibilities   Photo credit: MassTLC

Dwight Moore, CEO of Vecna’s VGo Communications subsidiary, had the cluster “imagine the possibilities” of a future where telepresence can bring you almost anywhere!  The group was treated to a tour of the Vecna facility and machine shop by founder and CTO Daniel Theobald.   The machine shop services are available for startups at cost!


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