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It’s After Hours – Do You Know Where Your Privileged Users Are?

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever that organizations have comprehensive information security controls to maintain data integrity and prevent breaches. The ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine is destabilizing traditional policy across the world and today’s wars are increasingly fought on the digital front as major nations like Russia bolster their cyberattack initiatives. Since coming into office, the Biden Administration has prodded organizations across the United States and its territories to level up their cybersecurity programs. Following the May 12, 2021 Executive Order, the Administration worked with NIST and other industry leaders such as Google to create a framework that can apply to public and private sectors implementing Zero Trust strategies.

In no uncertain terms, Russia has compromised US companies with access to classified information by exfiltrating data from the private and public sectors. These threat actors did this by using common, everyday tactics that are now an omnipresent vector in modern day life such as social engineering and classic phishing methods. A strong privileged access management (PAM) strategy could have prevented many of these data losses. Every day an organization goes without privileged access management is another day that the employees, partners, data and end-users are vulnerable to cyber-exploitation.   Now is the time to develop your organization’s Privileged Access Management strategy – and the OCD Tech team could be your new best friends in cybersecurity.

PAM is one of the most critical aspects of a strong information security program that every company needs to incorporate to mitigate the risk of exploitation. PAM controls aim to clean up the digital infrastructure by cleaning up inactive accounts, limiting privileged access and tracking privileged users.

Given the increasing reports of cyberattacks nationally and worldwide, it is apparent that many organizations need to develop a strategy for PAM immediately. Following the push for cybersecurity by the Biden administration, large organizations have rushed to offer PAM programs. However, these one-size-fits-all solutions can lead to oversight. What your business needs is an efficient and agile team of cybersecurity professionals to reform your unique environment. OCD Tech has paved the way to get any business’s PAM strategy up and running, whether the business be small or large.

OCD Tech’s team of experts are ready to create a comprehensive privileged access management strategy for any client in a 7-step process: Define -> Discover -> Manage & Protect -> Monitor -> Detect Usage -> Respond -> Review & Audit.  In addition to designing PAM strategies and definitions tailored to an organization’s needs, OCD Tech has hands-on experience implementing powerful tools, including but not limited to Privileged Session Management (PSM) and multifactor authentication (MFA).  Our information technology analysts have the skills to actualize and explain PAM tools and tactics to the whole company, from the C-suite to the interns.

MFA often gets pushback from the workforce because of disruptive deployment. To avoid these issues, OCD Tech will integrate your MFA solution with your environment. OCD Tech is the proud partner of CyberArk who design an inclusive PAM product to provide MFA, monitor users with privilege and simplify the upkeep of account security. When it comes to securing the data on hard drives or in the cloud, zero trust solutions are the only solutions. With a range of tools administered by cybersecurity experts, OCD Tech is there for you and your privileged access management strategy’s success.


This post was originally published on the OCD Tech blog.

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