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Getting Ready For the Start of the unConference

The calm before the storm…

It’s 8AM — 1 hour before the 2012 @MassTLC #unCon initial session kicks off.
At 7AM, things were very quiet, with hustle bustle of the awesome MassTLC team getting things together in anticipation of a record-setting 850+ attendees.
At 9AM this empty room will be chock-a-block with the movers and shakers, presenters and lurkers, who’ll participate in the individual sessions that will take place at 4 separate times starting at 10:15 and going through 3:30

Patrick Rafter/Valuecasters

What happens at the initial session is attendees line up behind each other and announce their intention (e.g. I’m going to do a session on the pros & cons of outsourcing sliced bread SaaS applications vs. in-house hacking).
Presenters then put up descriptions of the sessions (written on 8×11 paper) into an available time slot on one of the big boards:
Here’s the Session 1 Board (before any sessions have been added):

Patrick Rafter/Valuecasters

I’ll post a follow-up pic later today when it’s filled!
Tips for Would-Be Presenters:
·     Pick something that is really of public interest (don’t pimp your own product).
·     Choose a catchy title
·     Line up others (from other organizations) as co-presenters
For your Piece of Paper:
·     Think first about all you need to put on your session description — topic, presenters (make room for all)
·     Write Large (so it can be seen)
·     Write Legibly (so it can be read) 
Gotta go… people coming in.

Patrick Rafter
Chief ValueCaster, Valuecasters

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