Embracing Change: The Evolution of MTLC’s Brand Identity

In the fast-paced realm of technology, where innovation is constant and trends evolve rapidly, the importance of a dynamic and resonant brand cannot be overstated. It’s essential for any organization to make sure its brand is resonating with its audience. Though we launched the new look back in October 2023, the work on the MTLC brand update began just over a year ago, and the journey of brand evolution has been a testament to our commitment to staying relevant in a competitive landscape. 

I thought I’d take the time to share more about the changes we made as we work to modernize our tech association business. For more information about our partners, there are details on this post from our digital marketing partner, StitchDX, and our original new look brand announcement 

Brand Evolution: More Than Just a Buzzword 

Brand evolution isn’t a trendy concept; it’s a survival strategy. We’ve all seen iconic brands falter when they failed to adapt and evolve with the times. Consider the cautionary tale of Nokia. Despite its early success, Nokia’s reluctance to embrace touchscreen technology and the shift towards smartphones led to its decline, ultimately losing its market leadership to more adaptable competitors. To avoid that fate, here are the steps we took and what’s next: 

Assessing Brand Equity and Core Values 

Like a routine health check-up, assessing our brand’s pulse was necessary to ensure we stayed true to our core values. At MTLC, our core values—innovation, leadership, reliability, and connectivity—serve as guiding principles that resonate the most with our audience of technology professionals. These values define who we are and also shape our initiatives and engagements within the tech community. 

Market Research and Customer Feedback 

Listening to our community is paramount. One memorable instance where customer feedback shaped our strategy happened organically as we welcomed a new member to the Council. Feedback during onboarding highlighted crucial user experience issues, and we started brainstorming how we can reduce the friction for tech execs and their teams to more easily use their member benefits. This prompted us to rethink how we deliver value, resulting in a more intuitive and user-friendly membership that resonates better with our audience.  

Updating Messaging and Brand Voice 

Our messaging and brand voice evolved along with modernizing our visual identity – comprising our logo, color palette, and typography – and all changes are aimed at reinforcing our evolving brand narrative. 

Reflecting our dynamic identity, our new tagline succinctly captures our mission to empower tech leaders and drive innovation forward. This strategic alignment ensures every communication resonates authentically with our audience, fostering deeper connections and engagement. We hope to communicate that our team is here to help, that MTLC is a hub of the Massachusetts Tech ecosystem and that we are working every day to connect you with the resources your business needs to succeed.  

Adapting to Digital Platforms and Social Media 

In today’s online world, adapting to digital platforms is imperative for meaningful engagement. Our strategy currently focuses on leveraging LinkedIn and Luma Events to amplify our voice, engage in meaningful dialogue with our community, and showcase thought leadership in technology trends and innovations. 

  • LinkedIn Follower Growth: The number of followers on the MTLC LinkedIn page has grown 37% since the brand update. 
  • Luma Event Attendance: The in-person attendance rate is up to 70% after the rebranding. 

Maintaining Brand Consistency 

Consistency is the cornerstone of brand integrity. Like the steady rhythm of a jazz band, maintaining consistency ensures that every interaction – from social media posts to industry events – reflects our core values and resonates with our audience. Through meticulous adherence to our style guide and brand rules – which to be honest, we are still often referring to ourselves –  we uphold the integrity of the MTLC brand across all touchpoints. 


The evolution of the MTLC brand represents more than just a visual overhaul – it signifies our commitment to innovation, leadership, and being the connector the tech sector needs in the ever-evolving MA technology landscape. By embracing change, listening to our community, and staying true to our core values, we are poised to lead and inspire the next wave of technology leaders in our region. 

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