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Build an AI-Ready Tech Workforce

September 13 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am

​The technology sector more than any other industry is challenged with adopting the disruptive technologies that are driving how they deliver products and services to the market. The race to adoption- particularly of Generative AI is faster than ever. In a recent global study by IBM, 64% of CEO’s surveyed said they are facing workforce, culture, and governance challenges as they act quickly to implement and scale generative AI across their organizations. As a result, companies will need to build a cultural mindset that fosters adoption and guides the workforce through these changes.

​This conference is for business leaders who involved with the business, product, sales, and workforce operations including the following roles:

  • ​Chief Digital Officer and Chief Innovation/Information Officer
  • ​Product Management (Director Level and Above)
  • ​Human Resources (Director Level and Above)
  • ​Operations, IT (Director Level and Above)
  • ​Sales and Services (Director Level and Above)

​ During this event you will:

  • ​Hear use cases on how cross-functional leadership can foster workforce adoption of Generative AI and other technologies
  • ​Learn best practices on how to lead your teams to move beyond the AI hype, implement AI in daily workflows, and deliver business impact
  • ​Participate in interactive discussions to help you apply these learnings to your own workforce strategy and requirements

Opening Remarks: John Chartier, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Session 1: Beyond the AI Hype to Innovation, Workforce Adoption, and Business Value

​The enthusiasm for generative AI in the tech industry is undeniable as companies are trying to keep up with its groundbreaking developments and capabilities. At the same time, they wish to move ‘beyond the hype’ to use AI to deliver business impact. The main challenge business leaders are facing has to do with employee readiness to adopt gen AI as well as understanding the impact of this technology on the workforce.

​During this session, panelists will discuss how generative AI’s rising importance is impacting product and service innovation and how the workforce will need to ensure adoption.  They will share how they are balancing gen AI innovation with the rest of their IT and workforce investments.

​You will learn:

  • ​How to improve the success of gen AI adoption by integrating AI governance into the product and solution development process and making it more accessible to the workforce
  • ​How leaders are weighing the risks of not participating in AI’s opportunities with its benefits from automation in order to stay competitive- and what that means for business operations
  • ​Best practices in prioritizing spending related to AI and how to balance between technology and workforce investments


  • ​Karin Chu, VP Data Analytics, Ahold Delhaize
  • ​Erin DeCesare, CTO, ezCater

Session 2: Collaboration and Culture for Successful AI Adoption

​As the technology of generative AI itself continues to evolve, the key to its scalability is workforce readiness and ability to adapt and pivot to its changing nature. Companies in turn are moving as quickly as possible to get their organizations to adopt gen AI, but are challenged with the new pressures this brings. While business leaders are aware of the importance of hiring, training, and reskilling the workforce, they are finding breakdown in departmental collaboration as an impediment.

​During this session, panelists will share how they are approaching this latest paradigm shift to implement and scale AI throughout their organizations. Creating an AI-ready workforce starts at the top and requires organizational collaboration for it to be achieved.

​You will learn:

  • ​How key stakeholders from various departments are collaborating to establish a common vision for workforce readiness of AI
  • ​The methods business leaders should be using to communicate to employees how strategic decisions impact them
  • ​Best practices learned so far in getting departments onboard with an AI vision, how to align teams with strategic priorities, and the methods need to hire, train, and reskill the workforce


  • ​Gershon Goren, CEO and Co-Founder, Cangrade

Session 3: To Invest or Not to Invest?

​While AI (and gen AI) is top of mind for every tech leader, how they are approaching and adopting varies significantly. Investing in AI has the potential for catapulting companies to market dominance, however the question remains as to whether it is worth the investment at this time. For some leaders the cost to adopt does not outweigh its potential benefits, and for others cost of not doing investing is viewed as detrimental.

​This session will feature panelists on either side of the debate who will share their insights. We’ll invite the audience to jump in on what will surely be a lively discussion!

​Considerations that will be discussed:

  • ​Understanding the costs of AI including initial investment, operational, and other hidden costs to consider
  • ​Considering the potential benefits of AI such as increased efficiency from automation, increased product and service innovation, and improved customer experience
  • ​Calculating your ROI on an AI investment (or decision not to invest)


  • ​Paul Baier, CEO and Co-Founder, GAI Insights


September 13
9:00 am - 11:30 am
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