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5 Key Lessons in Scaling from #Growth18

It’s been almost a month since our 2nd annual Growth Conference, a conference for scaling business and beyond, and we are still thinking about the great lineup of events and the lessons that we learned.

For the uninitiated, Growth is a full day event of networking, key notes, and conversation – all about scaling your business. It’s a day that brings together those entrenched in the day-to-day growth of companies at all stages, from marketing, sales, HR, and beyond.

See the opening keynote from John Kaplan of Force Management here.

Our biggest takeaways this year?

  1. Alignment is important – everyone on your team needs to have the same baseline assumptions regarding overarching goals in order to make progress. There needs to be one source of truth within an organization. Growth cannot happen when different groups have different beliefs.
  2. Customer Success should be a strategic priorityit’s very important to have a process directed toward this goal. Customers don’t need a sales person. They need a customer success account manager to help them be more successful. Remember, the customer journey is not linear.
  3. Your customer’s voice is your best marketing asset – ensure that customers’ authentic voices are captured in case studies and testimonials. Everyone buys through word of mouth. Your prospects become customers because they trust someone who  knows the product.
  4. All of your team members need to believe that what they do matters – if your people assume that they are doing “good enough,” you are failing. Create a changemaking culture where innovation can thrive.
  5. There is no elevator for growth – you have to take the stairs.

Want more from Growth? We’ve included slides from four of our presenters, below. Check them out and be sure to stay tuned for more information about #Growth19 next year!


How the World’s Best CEOs and Companies Use OKRs to Align and Grow – Zorian Rotenberg, CEO & Founder, Atiim Software

Alignment: The Key to High Growth – John Neeson, CEO, Managing Director and Co-Founder, SiriusDecisions

Seasons of Growth: How to Prepare and Position Your Company for Success – John Kaplan, Managing Partner, Force Management

A Customer Experience Turnaround: 5 (Painful) Lessons Learned – Juan González, Vice President, Customer Success, Ipswitch and Jeanne Hopkins, CMO,

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